About InstructorsBank.com is the biggest IT Instructors database in Egypt and Middle East InstructorsBank.com is bank for Instructors CVs to help the Training Centers for finding the IT Instructors-led training by easy way. InstructorsBank.com is rapidly growing, opening new markets, learning new technologies, engaging in large projects, and achieving customer satisfaction InstructorsBank.com was founded by Ahmed Samir & Mostafa Tony in 2009. InstructorsBank.com is the web’s largest training marketplace an d has partnered with hundreds of industry leading providers including New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, Global Knowledge, IT Egypt, IT Egypt Corp, CompuTek, ITI, OTT, IBM Jupiter 2000 and more. InstructorsBank.com’s training network includes more than 1000 instructor-led training events and our Instructors Deliver more than 7,000 courses Inside Egypt & outside plus four Phases Experience in MCIT Scholarship Administration and some phases of ITI Scholarship. Like other popular online marketplaces, InstructorsBank.com saves time and provides better quality results compared to traditional training search methods. InstructorsBank has helped coordinate instructor-led, online or on-site training for individuals and corporations InstructorsBank also specializes in creating custom learning, performance and talent Development solutions with a very good Development Team.