CompanyMe Medical System

Medical Care System

This system is manage all activity in your clinic or hospital, it included all module that any clinic or hospital need like: accounting, patient, operation, inventory and permission. Manage your hospital effortlessly by managing appointment, patient's' medication history, messaging between doctor and patients, and medicines.
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Medical System Technical Technologies

This system is based on cloud so it's more easy to use everywhere and it adds more security to your data and we create this system by the best technology like:

  • HTML5
  • Angular 7
  • Mongo DB
  • Android
  • service oriented architecture

Web Application Infrastructure High Level Design

The following diagram illustrates the high-level design for Companyme Web Application Infrastructure according to Companyme business requirements that will cover the current and future needs as following:

Features of Medical System:

  • It provides clinics management system for the doctor the possibility of registering all the preliminary data of the patient and provides the ability to search for the patient by name or number or address, create patients file for the visitor and review at each visit to the patient to display all his patients history of previous visits and X-ray images and medicines used in advance dates.
  • Clinics management system helps the doctor to register all the preliminary data of the patient, searching for the patient by name or number or address patients work file for the visitor and review at each visit to the patient to display all his patients' history of previous visits and X-ray images and medicines used in advance dates.
  • It can be used on a range of clinics and doctor can see the number of its cases at any time and total revenue for all types of statements in the case of its own if it handles for.
  • It can enter patient data and work on behalf of the patient's therapeutic prescription and the name of the physician and the type of detection, its price and the clinic logo and print them easily through the program.
  • The possibility of adding contracts and determine the clinic and the discount rate.
  • Review-off dates for patients counseling owners.
  • It can allow the presence of the rest of the patient's account by the selection of the manager.
  • Ability to put the program on a network internal clinic so that the program is placed on a device running the physician assistant to record the initial data of the patient where the data are those ready in front of the doctor when entering the patient to him as the program assumes how unlimited patient data, and you can add, modify, or delete data at any time.
  • The best for saving the data system where you can copy the database and retrieved at any time, even when you change a copy in order to preserve patient data.
  • A high-level security system where you can specify the powers available to each user and set a password specific to each user's password through a special control panel doctor.
  • The clinic program supports complete data property (Autocomplete) automatically as you type in various fields to facilitate the writing of data.
  • Ability to store names and pharmaceutical dosing and there is a full program with the file for most existing medicines in pharmacies.
  • Follow-up of revenues and expenses and print reports for profit and loss and net income for the clinic.

Menus and module of Medical system:

    Operations :
  • Recording operations and prices.
  • Registration of all data process.
  • Record your expenses within the same process screen.
  • The equipment inside the operating room, medical supplies exchange.
  • Includes (list of detection - a list re-detection - drugs - List of visits patients operations - X-ray images before and after).
    Patients :

    Any information relating to a patient lies in the patient record, whether it is medical history, current episode of care, current and past medications, results of investigations or immunization record. The patient record is organized according to user preferences. Thus, you can customize the appearance of the patient summary or the sub- folders in which the documents and data are classified.

    Accounting :
  • help the doctor in the registration of all special accounts clinic.
  • Add expenses and Revenue other medical center and clinic.
  • Doctors and assistants accounts.
  • The expense of contracting with the clinic companies.
  • Add cabinets and add the treasury for each user.
  • Issuance of the respective treasury and easy review of reports.
  • Issuance of Revenue and expenditure reports.
  • Add the salaries of doctors.
  • Registration of doctor's ratios and segments of physicians.
  • There is more than one way for the accounts of doctors.
  • Detailed reports of the services provided and the number of statements.
  • Issuance of the final report of the account after calculating the proportion of the doctor for the period.
  • And it includes (expenses - Revenue - Doctors accounts - accounts assistants - account).
    Reports :
  • Patient's reports.
  • Doctor's reports.
  • Clinic's reports.
  • Reports quantities of items.
  • Bookings reports.
  • X-ray report, analysis and receipts.
  • User Report.
    Inventory :

    Working to find out what it contains and stores the clinic includes:

  • Items "medical instruments - medicines and other".
  • The names of the stores "stores Office Supplies - Janitorial Stores - Medical instrument stores ...
  • And also the movement of stores and operations carried out in which the withdrawal of classes or add other classes.
    Lookup Table and Settings :

    From the Settings menu you can control clinics data and logo and writing the most important data for the clinic as well as to control the user's authority, whether Dr. or secretary and many others about the possibilities and characteristics of clinics that can be detected by yourself when the program experience management program and you can request your trial before you buy.

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